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What I Made This Week – Paleo Sweet Potato, Ham and Egg Muffins

Apparently I’m obsessed with egg bakes.  I make one almost every week.  I like to be able to grab a piece in the morning and pop it in the microwave when I get to work and have a nice hot breakfast to start my day.  Up this week is a dish inspired by this recipe from Easy Health Living .



1 Large Sweet Potato

6 eggs

1 cup Diced Ham

1.  Preheat oven to 425

2.  Grease muffin pans

3.  Roast sweet potato until  cooked through, about 1 hr.

4.  Beat eggs

5.  Once cooked, slice sweet potato in half and scoop the cooked potato into a bowl and mash.

6.  Line the muffin tin with sweet potato, forming a small bowl:

6.  Add some ham to each cup:

7.  Fill muffin cups with beaten eggs about 3/4 full:

8.  Bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown on top

I think this might be my favorite egg bake so far.  I love the combo of sweet and savory.  And there is definitely something to be said for how easy these are to grab and go.  Mornings are rough, but if you can pop a few of these in the microwave to warm up, you know you’re getting a nice shot of protein and even some veggies!  All before you leave the house in the morning.  Unless you’re like me and you eat these in the car while you’re driving the kids to school.  Another bonus, the possibilities for different combos with these little egg muffin meals are endless.  I think I’ll try it with sausage next time and I might add a little cinnamon to the sweet potato, too.  I can also see this with tater tots as the base and then adding some cheese and maybe red pepper for a totally different flavor profile.  Or, hash browns on the bottom, pepperoni and diced tomato for a pizza inspired muffin!  I’d love to hear what flavors you would add to these nifty Egg Muffins!

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What I Made This Week

I’m going with a back to basics theme this week.  At least that’s the plan.  I’m always searching for ways to cheat but not cheat on the low carb plan.  Instead of trying to trick myself, I’m going to make things as easy as possible for myself.  This week I’m going to try to eat stuff that is either high protein, a vegetable or a fruit.  And just see what happens.  So, here’s what I’ve made this week:

Apple Cookies

I love this recipe from Rachel Schultz.  Her blog is gorgeous and chock full of recipes and home decor and BOOKS! It’s like all of my favorite things wrapped up in one blog.  Here are my apple cookies:




I made mine with what I had on hand, peanut butter, dried cranberries and dark chocolate chips.  These were absolutely delicious.  They are quick and easy to make and a healthy sweet snack.


I also made these Roasted Sweet Potatoes from Tyler Florence of the Food Network.


People, if you like sweet potatoes, you gotta make these.  They were so good.  I could eat those as a meal.  I think they may make the Thanksgiving menu this year.  They are Paleo, gluten free and delish.