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#write31days – Organize Home Decor

I was going to skip today’s task in the Organized Home in 30 Days challenge.  The task was to organize your extra home decor and organizing stuff.  I don’t really have a lot of decor stuff that I’m not actually using, so I thought it would be a bore.  I told myself to do it for 15 minutes and see where I ended up.  Here’s where I ended up after 15 minutes of digging up decor stuff that was stashed randomly through out the house:

Home Decor Surplus

I didn’t even make it through the whole house and I found all of that.  There is some really awesome stuff in there!

Candle Holders

I love these colorful tea light holders.  I bought those literally more than a dozen years ago when we bought our first house. I think a couple of them have passed on to the great mosaic of smashed glass in the sky, sadly.  The crystal (ish?) ones are cool, too, but I have no idea where those came from.


Uh, hello, 7 vases?  Stashed away?  Bring me some cut flowers, stat!

Glass Bowl


This is a stunner.  This is my mom’s.  She gave it to me.  I hope she doesn’t read this and ask for it back.  Also, the fabric underneath it is half of a pair of curtains that I forgot I had.  I don’t really have a spot for the curtains, but I think for photos like this one it will be a great back drop.  If I iron it.


This is two of about 47 frames that I found.  I think I put a bunch of frames away at Christmas time and then never took them back out.  What?  Who does that?

Fabric 2Fabric 1


I love these two fabrics.  The bottom one is another thing that has been with me since my first home. I see pillows in the future.



Remember this wood from my 70’s inspired art work?  I still have a ton of it.


This clock is getting hung pronto.  I’ve had this forever.  I love it.  It’s very me.

So, the only part of the actual organization I’ve done is the gathering of like things and a tiny bit of purging.  But basically I have a huge pile of stuff that needs a home now.  Woof.

Buy It, Spy It or DIY It – Anthropologie Edition

I get a spontaneous drooling problem when I visit Anthropologie’s website.  There are so many beautiful things that I, a. can’t afford and b. don’t feel properly equipped, design wise, to incorporate the gorgeousness into my humble home.  I do  see lots of things that are diy-able or that I’ve seen elsewhere for less.  Which makes Anthropologie the perfect candidate for Buy It, Spy It or DIY It.

Buy It Spy It DIY It Anthropologie Edition


Joliette Pendant Necklace #anthropologie

Buy It – This is one of those special little somethings that I would buy for myself if I found a little cash laying around, or that I would ask for for a special holiday.  At $68.00 it is definitely a splurge, but it’s the right thing to splurge on.
Currant Layered Necklace #anthropologie


Spy It – This is another beautiful necklace.  However, it doesn’t give me that sort of uniqueness that the one above does.  I’ve seen others that are similar enough at discount stores like Kohl’s and Target.  This particular style doesn’t seem as timeless or versatile as the first necklace.  Very pretty, but not for $48.00

Springtime Headband #anthropologie

DIY It – Guys, this is totally DIY-able, right???  A scarf, a chunky head band and a glue gun and BOOM, chic glamour.  It’s $32.00 which is probably my hair accessory budget for the next five years.
Leather Holloway Sofa #anthropologie

Buy It – I know what you’re thinking.  This chick just said her hair accessory budget for the next 5 years is $32.00 and she wants me to go buy a nearly $4000.00 couch.  This couch is the reason my hair accessory budget is $32.00.  This is the type of thing you save your pennies for.

Retractable Writing Desk #anthropologie

Spy It – I could write some fantastic blog posts at this desk, I swear.  However, it is almost $1300.00 and I’ve seen sort of similar ones on Craigslist and at consignment shops for a lot less.  Still more than I would shell out right now, but less than $1300.00

Reclaimed Wood Side Table #anthropologie

DIY It – Duh.  I’ve seen this DIY’ed all over the interwebs.  Sorry Anthropologie, no self respecting DIYer is spending $298.00 on this.

Library Letter - anthropologie.com

Buy It:  I love these.  My daughter would definitely love one of these in her room.  For $20.00, this is special and unique.

Jardin Des Plantes Pedestal Bowl - anthropologie.com


DIY It – I definitely think these could be DIY-ed.  And I really love them.  For little trinkets and what nots.  They are $32.00 a bowl, a little extravagant for a what not holder.

Under Sun Melamine Dinner Plate - anthropologie.com

Buy It, Buy It, Buy It – Three buy its because you want at least three of these beautiful melamine plates.  They are $10.00 each and I can tell you that in this house neither fork, nor spoon, nor knife would ever touch their magnificent painted surfaces.  These are art people!  Hang them on the wall!

Pop-Print Measuring Spoons - anthropologie.com                             Okuno Measuring Cups - anthropologie.com

Buy It – These measuring spoons and cups are awesome.  They are so pretty, I would never lose them.  For $18.00 for the spoons and $36.00 for the cups, a set of either would be a great hostess gift.  Or a gift for your favorite blogger.

Great Meadow Mural - anthropologie.com

Spy It:  This is just, striking.  It was going to be a save your pennies and buy it, but, I really do think you can find similar for a far better price than $548.  An example would be the mural I have in my dining room that I spent way, way less on.  If this is your ultimate, one and only favorite wallpaper in all of the universe,then save up and buy it.  But, there are other options.

Just Picked Candle Tin - anthropologie.com

Buy It – These are only $14.00 each.  I’ll bet you anything that they smell great, but I really love the little tins they come in.  Those tins would be great as little containers for doodads when the candle has burned.  Also another great option for a hostess or teacher gift.
Imagined Desks 2015 Calendar - anthropologie.com

Buy It – I want this desperately and for $18.00, I may just get it for myself.  The Imagined Desks of Historical Women.  I adore it.  And, I would totally frame those desks at the end of the year.  Yup, totally buying this for myself.

I had about 47 more things I could have put in this post.  Seriously.  Maybe I’ll just go camp out in the store.  What do you love from Anthro?


Buy It, Spy It or DIY It

Friday Faves has been replaced.

That should be read in an ominous voice.

It has been replaced with something that shall be dubbed, “Buy It, Spy It or DIY It”.  I got a little Crate & Barrel catalog today and as I was flipping through, I saw lots of things I liked.  Some of them made me think, “I would drop that amount of money on that right now!”.  That’s a “Buy It”.  Then there were the one’s that I said, “I like that, but I bet I could find something similar enough at ___________ (fill in the blank…  thrift store, Target, Marshalls, yard sale).  That is a “Spy It”.  Lastly, there are the one’s that made me think, “I could totally make that!”.  That my friends, is a “DIY It”.  Sound like fun?  Good!  Let’s get to it.
Willa Yellow Side Chair

Willa Yellow Side Chair – $149.00

Ok, we’re starting with an easy one.  DIY It.  No brainer.  A little elbow grease and some vibrant paint on a chair you probably have in your basement or attic right now and this one is done, son.  And you can find sets of these at every thrift store or yard sale worth it’s salt.

3-Piece Intricate Circle Wall Art Set

3 Piece Intricate Wall Art – $139 (on sale)

I want to call this one a DIY it.  I really do. But, honestly, I don’t have those skills.  This is a Buy It.  Obviously they are beautiful, so that makes me want to buy them.  And all three make a pretty dynamic statement for $139.  The largest one is 22″ in diameter.  You can also purchase these separately.

Era C Table

Era C Table – $299

This is what inspired the Spy It category.  I put down the Crate & Barrel catalog and picked up the Bed Bath and Beyond flyer and there was a nearly identical table for $39.99.  It wasn’t quite as sleek, but you can sacrifice a little sleek for $250.

Pinstripe Jade 2'x3' Rug

Pinstripe Jade 2’3′ Rug – $24.95

Buy it.  Now.  Get out your wallet and buy it.  I think that is a good price for a pretty rug from a reputable retailer who generally offers quality products.  Definitely worth 25 bucks.  There are larger sizes that are also well priced.

Cosmo Pendant

Cosmo Pendant – $299

Buy It.  If you love it and it speaks to you, like it does to me, save your pennies and buy it.  This is unique and if you love it, you will walk into the room you hang it in every day and smile at it.  People will make remarks about it. Some might say, “I love that light fixture” and others may say “What an interesting light fixture” with a furrowed brow.  And you will love both remarks equally.  Promise.

Mick Blue Floor Lamp

Mick Blue Floor Lamp – $149

DIY It!  I mean, you’re not going to get this exact look unless you are a metal working genius, but I think with some piping from the hardware store and a light kit and a metal shade you could whip this up.  Not me, but you could.  Send me a pic if you do.

Stainless Wire Bowl

Stainless Wire Bowl – $19.95

Spy It… I had this in my hands at the flea market last week.  In fact there was one about this size and a smaller one.  It wasn’t exactly this one, but it was close.  Why did I put it down?  Why?  They were decidedly less than $20, but more importantly, they were old and had that certain personality that old things have and that this one lacks.

Apple Orchard Dishtowel

Apple Orchard Dish Towel – $5.95

Trick question!  Buy It.. AND DIY It!  The dishtowels from Crate & Barrel are way to cute for wiping dishes.  I can see them framed for a pop of color, or I’m sure you could DIY some cafe curtains with these.  Too cute, right??

Brass Letter S Wall Art

Brass Letter S Wall Art – $24.95

Buy it!  Of course they have all of the letters and numbers and some symbols.  For less than $25, this is a great addition to any gallery wall.

Buy It Spy It or DIY It - Crate & Barrel

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My Style

Catalina Maxi Dress - anthropologie.com

Clipdot Buttoned Tee - anthropologie.com

Fully charged!




My Faves This Week

A stylish addition to your living room seating group or master suite ensemble, this ash wood arm chair and ottoman showcases yellow linen upholstery and button tufting.      Product: Chair and ottomanConstruction Material: Ash wood and linenColor: Yellow and naturalFeatures: Button-tuftedDimensions: 36" H x 30" W x 28" D (chair)Assembly: Assembly required

Ariana Pendant





Perfect pulled up to your kitchen island or pub table, this delightful counter stool is crafted of iron and showcases a timeless yellow finish.     Product: Counter stoolConstruction Material: IronColor: YellowFeatures:Openwork designDimensions: 24.75" H x 16.75" Diameter


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Calypso Canvas Print

Remember Spirograph?? Simple fun and beauty. Funny how long we could remain entertained by a simple thing as this then.

Rare vintage 1970s handcrafted owl brooch designed by worldknown hawaiian designer/artist Lee Sands

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Conspiracy theory. I believe. This IS my life.



Happy Weekend!

My Faves This Week

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I know you guys love this dress!  It is sadly not available for purchase anymore.  I’ve linked to some that are similar below.  (These are affiliate links, if you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a commission, at no cost to you!)





Not sure why this makes me laugh.

It's true!

I am dying. Most idiotically hilarious thing.

House Tour

This is my 100th Post!  I thought it would be fun to get started on a House Tour.  Whenever I find a new blog, the first thing I look for is their house tour. It gives me a quick idea of whether or not the blogger’s style is one that will capture my imagination.  I also love seeing before and after photos, so I’m including those here as well.  I’m going to try to keep a running list of to do’s here, too.  This page will change, often, so consider this the first draft of many.


The Exterior

exteriorSo, as promised, the real before pictures.  I took this picture over the weekend while I was working on the front yard.  I haven’t taken an after picture of the work I did, which was mostly just a little mulch and some tidying up, because it’s been rainy and cold since I finished that day.   So, there is a small bit of improvement to the outside, aesthetically, but for the most part, this is how the exterior of the house looks now.  There are many things that I want to do out here:

1.  New siding

2.  New windows

3.  New garage door

4.  New stairs, porch?

5.  New deck (out back)

6.  Numbers for garage and house

7. Outdoor lighting

8.  New roof

Pretty major list.  We’re saving now for the “big three”; siding, windows and roof and hope to do that next spring.

The “Roku Room”



This room, which is just to the right of the entry area, has been through a big transformation.  It was originally the dining room (hence the awkward light!).  It works much better as sort of a sitting room.  We do have a tv in here and it has a Roku attached to it, and that is why we came up with the name “the roku room”.  It was either that or “the room that used to be the dining room”.  This room also has a little built in hutch that I’ve transformed to make it look less dining room and more sitting room.



I don’t have too many things on the to do list for this room at the moment:

1.  Rug

2.  Switch out the light

3.  Restyle the side tables

4.  New shades for the lamps

And here’s the before, when it was a dining room and before we lived here.  I have to admit, while it’s obviously another person’s taste, I can appreciate this dining room.  I love the big mirror on that wall and the furniture was very pretty.  It definitely had a specific look that I think the woman that lived in this house loved.









I’m in love with my kitchen.  I don’t know if that is weird, but it is true.  It was a labor of love (not literally labor, as my carpenter brother did the heavy lifting).  I picked out every fixture, sat for hours with the designer at Home Depot, compared countertops and layouts and floor tile.  I loved, passionately loved finding the things I wanted in this room.  It feels so personal to me.  I actually get a little emotional thinking about it.  That is probably weird, but I’m ok with that.

Just a few things to do in here:

1.  Add missing molding (Can you find the missing molding?)

2.  Window coverings

3.  Light above sink

And you gotta love this before:



Dining Room


I think the dining room is the best expression of my personal style.  It’s a little quirky, but grounded with a traditionalism (word? not a word?).  The wallpaper is my favorite thing in the house.  It’s one of those things I’m proud of not because I think it’s beautiful, but because I loved it when I saw it on-line and I bought it even though I was petrified that other people would think I was insane for hanging it.  I was wrong, everyone that sees it compliments it.  And while I know it’s obviously not for everyone, it is 100% for me and that is why I’m proud of it.  It took a little bit of courage to put it up and I want to infuse more of those courageous decisions into the rest of the house.

And the before (I swear this is the same house):

FamilyRoom Before

Family Room

LR Progressmirrorafter

cozier chaiserlrplayarea

So, I wish I had one or two nice photos to show you of this room.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to kick people out of this room long enough to take said pictures.  I’m going to have to wake up early one of these mornings and do a photo shoot in peace!  This room has a long way to go, but there are glimpses of what I’m working towards.  I love bright, primary colors, and I want to have those in here. It’s a very cozy room with plenty of seating, a place to play games or do crafts and of course the television is in here.  Lots do in here, however:

1.  Curtains or other window treatment

2.  Fireplace makeover

3.  Area rugs

4. Pillows

5.  More or better storage

6.  Window seat (some day!)

And a before for your viewing pleasure:



Alright, that’s almost all of the first floor.  I’ll add the upstairs next week!  There is one before picture that I don’t have an after for that I want to share with you, though. It’s the before of our 1/2 bath.



Yup, that happened.

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Stephanie Johnson and Trena Bleyaert this reminds me of you two - you are SUPER WOMEN!!!

Happy Weekend!