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Bedroom Refresh

I caught up on lots of things this weekend, including finally hanging the made over mirror and the transformed portal. The made over mirror took the place of a trio of contemporary floral canvases from Ikea.  I still love those three pieces, so I wanted to find them a home. They have a smidge of orange in them, so I thought they would work well in the bedroom with my diy orange night stands.  I also refreshed the yard sale lamps I snagged a couple of weeks ago, so the bedroom got a nice little refresh this weekend.  At least the part where the bed and night stands sit did.  The rest of the bedroom still looks like it is being slowly consumed by a laundry monster.  Oh well, babysteps.  Here’s the refreshed bed area:


It feels a lot more grown up than the it did a few months ago when it looked like this:


Did you spy the after version of the yard sale lamps??  If you didn’t, you should probably get your eyes checked.  Here’s a close up, because they are so ready for it.



Pay no attention to the chipped paint on the tables.  How cute did those lamps come out?  Here’s a reminder of the before:



They got a couple of coats of white spray paint, some shades I snagged at Target on clearance a few months ago for $7 each and new light bulbs.  The pair of lamps cost, in total, including the  $3 spray paint and $10 pair of bases from the yard sale, less than $30.  And the feeling of satisfaction when I plugged them in and they both worked, was priceless.

Here’s another peek at the after of the boudoir, just for fun.  And, if you haven’t already, you HAVE to check out the original before from the listing when we bought the house.  Separate double beds in the master.  Love it!



I love looking at the house through pictures because somehow I notice things that I don’t in person. Like, for instance, I don’t really like the pattern of the quilt with the pattern of the pillows.  They are too similar.  I think I’d rather a stripe, especially with the sort of florally lamp shades and the flower canvases above the bed.  Always something new to work on!

And another peek at the cute lamp after:


So, what did you refresh over this long weekend?

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Post 1 – The Kitchen

I’ve very recently discovered the world of the blog.  I’ve been delighted by lovely home improvement blogs like Young House Love and Smart Girl Style and Rambling Renovators.  But I noticed something about these blogs.  The before pictures.  The before pictures were delightful and lovely.  These people were of another breed.  The organized and motivated breed.  I decided I could write a blog for my breed.  The scattered, has lots of ideas but doesn’t know how to start them breed.  So without further ado…  My first project (and it’s a big one!).  The remodel of our 1960’s kitchen.  The kitchen with the doors that looked like they could have been used on a miniature barn.  The kitchen that had no dishwasher, but did have a built in blender.  Priorities, right?  No one minds hand washing dishes if they’re three margaritas in.  And, lest I forget, the orange/yellow wall paper and the brown paneling.  I know you’re dying to see the before, so hold your breath, here it is…


This was the kitchen when we bought the house.  We did some minor improvements that gave us a minor upgrade.  We painted all of the wood including the paneling that went three quarters up the wall white and painted the remaining portion of the wall navy blue.  It was crisp and pretty, but it could not make up for the hideous linoleum floor and the lack of the dishwasher.  We knew we were going to need a major overhaul.  But, we had more pressing issues like removing the wallpaper that covered nearly every inch of the house (including the ceiling of one of the bathrooms) and painting the exterior and updating the electrical.  So the kitchen would have to wait.  And it did.  We lived with the linoleum and the built in blender that didn’t wash dishes for five long years.  Which brings us to the present.  This is what it looks like right at this very moment…


That’s my wonderful contractor/brother installing the luscious floor tile. Clearly we have a work in progress, but it’s come a long way baby.  Visit my pinterest board to see the products I’ve selected for the kitchen.

Tomorrow’s post will be about the bedroom, which is also in need of some serious TLC. But I have an inspiration room that I plan to work from.  Slowly but surely…