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4 Free or Cheap Ways to Liven Up a Bare Wall

*** This post contains affiliate links.  If you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a commission, at no cost to you!***        While I was reviewing pictures from my updated House Tour, I realized that the most boring wall in my entire house is the wall above my desk.  My desk that I sit at for hours (does 2-3 hours qualify as hours?  I mean, I know, technically, it does, but I also don’t want to give the impression that I’m spending, like, 10 hours a day here.  Glad I got that off my chest) pouring my heart into this blog.  There was not a picture on the wall.  Nothing.  No color.  Even the wall color in this room is totally boring (it’s on the to do list.  Wait, no it isn’t, but it should be).  And if you’ve looked at the House Tour, you know that I am not a blah-wall kind of woman.  I wanted an update and I wanted it fast and cheap.  I am a woman on a budget, after all.  A really LOW budget.  So I needed some cheap ways to liven up a bare wall.  Luckily, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.  

4 Free or Cheap Ways to Liven Up a Bare Wall

Cheap Ways to Liven Up a Boring Wall

Shop Your House

Cheap Ways to Liven Up a Boring Wall

My first place to look for free stuff is my own house.  I always have a stash of stuff, like vases, picture frames or past DIY’s that never found a permanent home in a closet or cupboard.  I knew I wanted some type of wall storage for this desk area and I’ve been holding on to that rattan paper holder for ever.  Perfect spot to put all of my important papers in, right?  They are off the desk and in plain view, so I will hopefully not forget about them.

Make Something!

Cheap Ways to Liven Up a Boring Wall

Depending on what type of a craft hoarder you are, you may or may not already have all of the things you need to make some really pretty DIY art.  The three water colors below are on inexpensive small canvasses (12 of them for $11.96 from Amazon) I have a tutorial for those here.  The abstract floral art below is also a DIY on another inexpensive (2 for $9.98), slightly larger canvas and done with tissue paper and  hexagon shape cutter.  Tutorial is right here.  Pro tip, I’ve primed over old canvases with white primer and repainted or tissue papered over them as would be the case here.  (PS, the tissue paper and hexagon shape cutter are not what I would consider cheap, but I only used a small amount of the tissue paper and the hexagon cutter is something I will have forever in my craft stash and will use many times).

Thrift Store Shopping

Cheap Ways to Liven Up a Boring Wall

Thrift stores are the best for finding frames.  I found a bunch of these pretty gold frames for about $2 each at my local Savers.  I’m into this gold, thin frame look right now, but, if, or when, my tastes change, I won’t mind swapping out the inexpensive frame.

Free Printables!

Cheap Ways to Liven Up a Boring Wall

So what do you fill your cheap thrift store frame with?  Free printables, of course!  I love scouring my favorite blogs for printables.  Or, you can very easily make your own.  Pick your favorite quote and play around in Picmonkey.  I made the calendar you see there and you can access it here if you are in need of a cute and bright calendar.  The Choose Happy print is actually an Etsy find.  It still falls under cheap in my mind at $7.20, but you could DIY something similar, too!

Alright, no excuses, go liven up your boring walls!


The Sewing Bug

***This post contains affiliate links.  If you click one and make a purchase I may receive a small commission!***   Have I told you yet that I got a sewing machine for Christmas?  I did.  Actually, I like to tell people I got the house wife starter kit for Christmas:  a sewing machine, a set of pots and pans and coffee mugs.  And I couldn’t be happier with those gifts!  I’ve made a few simple things with the sewing machine, but I’m itching to make something a little more substantial.  Like curtains or pillows!

If you happen to be a beginner sewer and you are in the market for a sewing machine, might I recommend to you the one my sweet husband got me for Christmas?

Computerized 80 Stitch Sewing Machine Brother Sewing

It’s a Brother machine and it has been super simple to learn.  I haven’t done more than sew some straight lines with it yet, but I had basically no clue how to even thread it and the instructions have been very easy to follow.  It has three speed levels, which is great for a beginner like me because if you keep it on super slow mode, you are almost guaranteed a straight line.  It might take you a little longer than most, but it will be straight.

So, I’ve got the machine, all I need is some fabric to inspire me, right?  I’ve purchased fabric from in the past and was very pleased with it.  The prices are light years better than my local Joann Fabrics and they have a HUGE selection.  I did a very simple search for Home Decor Fabrics between $9-$15/yd and I came up with 54 pages of fabrics to drool over.  You can refine your search of course in many ways: by measurements, by theme or by pattern if you want to narrow in on something in particular.  My favorite feature of the site is the Design Board which allows you to sort of pin a bunch of different fabrics together so that you can reference back to what you liked while browsing.  Here’s what mine looked like after a good hour of poking around:

I’m obsessed with that turtle pattern.  But I love the two navy and green patterns together.  And each and every one of those fabrics is under$13/yd.  Get yourself over there and start making a design wall of your own – .

How To Seal Painted Tiles

***This post contains affiliate links.  If you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a commission!***        I was so excited to see a massive response to my post about painting tiles with Sharpies and Rubbing Alcohol!  So happy you all liked it and welcome to anyone new who found my little blog because of it!  I have exciting news!  I have an update on how to seal painted tiles!  Just in time for me to get started on a pretty important project that I will share when it is done!

First, let me tell you what did not work.

  1.  Mod Podge – I first tried painting on some clear Mod Podge.  This left some paint lines on the tile and I absolutely hated that. It ruined the look of the tile.  Also, when I put it to a water test, the Mod Podge came off in clumps.  The Queen of “How to Remove Mod Podge” (my most popular post) should have remembered that Mod Podge is water soluble and therefore would not stand up to water.
  2. Shellac – Shellac, in case you didn’t know, is a natural product made of bugs and alcohol.  Had I known that it was made of bugs and alcohol before I purchased, you better believe I never would have bought.  Because, a. BUGS! and b. Alcohol is exactly what I used to activate the color blurring when I made the tiles in the first place.  So, of course, the first thing that happened when I sprayed shellac on the tiles was that the ink started to blur.  Which, by the way, ruined ALL of the tiles pictured above, so I was super bummed about that.

So what did work?

Krylon UV Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating  did the trick.  It was extremely easy to apply, although it smells horrendous and I strongly recommended doing it in garage with the door open or somewhere outdoors if possible (remember to keep your project covered so nothing lands on it.  Like a fly).  I did it in my basement and it made the first floor stinky for a while.  But, other than the smell, it does not affect the ink in anyway, as long as you remember to shake the can for at least a full minute. I didn’t see any new blurring.  The finish is completely clear.  I ran it under hot and cold water and did not have any issues.  I still would probably not put this finished product in the dishwasher, but my plans for this project wouldn’t require that anyway.  If you’re making coasters, I would say hand wash them, just to be safe.

And, further proof that the Sharpie/Alcohol painting comes out great every time:

The tile does still need to cure for a couple of days before it’s completely dry, but I’m thrilled to see that the hot and cold water had no effect on it.  This was my biggest concern as my project will eventually be out in the elements.  I’ll keep an eye on it and I’ll be sure to post an update if there happen to be any hiccups as I continue to the project!


How to Paint with Sharpies and Alcohol

***This post contains affiliate links. If you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no cost to you.***    ***UPDATE – After you read this post, click here  for instructions on how to seal your tiles!***   Before you get too excited, I’m not talking about painting with wine, I’m talking about rubbing alcohol.  Although feel free to add the wine if you like.  Just drink it, don’t paint with it.  Or maybe wine is a fantastic additive for paint.  What do I know?  I’m just a humble crafter. The point is people, you can make totally awesome art with wine and alcohol!  No, I mean sharpies and alcohol!  I swear I didn’t drink any alcohol in the making of this craft.  It must be the Sharpie fumes.  (Just kidding, Sharpie’s have barely any fumes.  I’m just kooky in general today).  Who wants to learn how to paint with Sharpies and Alcohol? (and wine). Well, let’s do it!

How To Paint with Sharpies and Alcohol


Sharpies, various colors

91% Rubbing Alcohol, not the 70%**

4.25 x 4.25 inch ceramic tiles (or whatever size you want!)

Small paint brush (you could also use a dropper or a small straw)


**Important Note:  When I went to get my supplies, I saw that there is 91% alcohol and there is 70% rubbing alcohol. I got the 70% alcohol.  I did that purposely because I am going to be using this method with a bunch of 12 and 13 year olds and I was worried about the smell of alcohol.  Well, the 70% was a total bust.  I started over with the 91% and all was right with the crafting world.  And there was no difference to me in the smell.

  1.  Clean off your tiles.  I bought my tiles from Home Depot for less than a dollar each.  They had what I can only assume is a protective strip of netting on them that needed to be removed.  Dry the tiles well.
  2. Color your tile with coordinating Sharpie colors.  Don’t be scared, they look really bad until you put the alcohol on them.  You can color small areas with different colors as in the tile below, or you can cover a greater amount of area with each color.  Totally up to you!
  3. With your paint brush, small straw or dropper, drop small amounts (about dime size) of the alcohol onto the colored tile.  You’ll almost immediately see the alcohol start to blur the colors.  I sort of concentrated on the areas where the colors met so that those lines would be well blurred.  After dropping some alcohol on random spots on the tile, stop and look at the tile.  Do you see spots that need a droplet?  Add one.  BUT!  Don’t add too much alcohol to the tile.  I’ll show you why in a minute. 
  4. When you are happy with the amount of blurring that is happening, you can stop and let the tile dry.  OR, you can be a nosy artist like me and dab at the colors with a paint brush.  Or, you can be like my daughter and actually pull the paint brush through the colors, which I thought was going to totally ruin the whole thing!  But, it didn’t. Her tile came out different than the others, but very cool!  See below:If you’re wondering, she used red, yellow and purple sharpies for this tile.  I can’t lie.  I watched her making it and I was like, “Oh my God, that is going to be so bad and I’m going to have to pretend to like it when she’s done”.  But guess what?  It’s probably my favorite!  It’s a completely different look than how mine turned out.  Her colors are a little more muted whereas mine are more in your face.  That sentence has so many meanings.
  5. You must let your tiles dry when you are done adding your alcohol and dabbing at them with your paint brush, if you chose to dab at them with a paint brush.  Give them a good 30 minutes and then go look at how they came out.
  6. Did they come out weird with a weird sort of washed out spot where you can see the lines from your Sharpie?  Don’t worry, I did that, too. I’m pretty sure it means you added too much alcohol (too much alcohol is bad for everything).  But it’s an easy fix!  Grab your Sharpies and add some more color then add a little more alcohol to get the blurring going again. (This is not what you should do if you have added to much alcohol to your body.  Generally, adding more alcohol to a problem that was caused by too much alcohol is never a good thing.  Except when we’re talking about painting tiles).

All in all, this craft is super easy, especially since I’ve now shown you what mistakes to avoid!  You’re welcome!  And they are definitely high impact.

So, now you’ve made four super cool tiles, what are going to do with them?  You are going to protect them of course!  The sharpie “paint” will rub right off with water and will scratch very easily, so you definitely want to protect these before you use them.  I’ve done some research and written a post on how to protect them here.  Once we have sufficiently protected our tiles, however, there are a lot of things that we can do with them!  Like make them into coasters or tile a bench with them or tile a mirror with them or frame them and hang them as art.  Coasters I think are the best implementation.  Just pop a piece of felt on the bottom with some hot glue and call it a day!  As for me, these tiles were a practice round for another project that I will be posting about soon!



Want : Need : Wear : Make : Eat

Remember that time I did some posts about what I want, need, wear, make and eat?  That was awesome. Let’s do it again!

want need wear make eat by bethjustin518 on Polyvore featuring interior, interiors, interior design, home, home decor and interior decorating:


Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker, 6Qt/1000W:

Instant Pot:  I discovered the wonderful Instant Pot this week and am dying to get one.  Why so expensive, Instant Pot?  I need a sale and a 30% off coupon from Kohl’s.  Stat.


One of my favorite discoveries at Midnight Blue Velvet Kendall Sofa:

World Market Sofa:  Sofa’s aren’t technically a need but I, like, *need* one.  Both of my current sofas have major issues.  I’m not saying I need to replace them both immediately, but it would be nice to have one nice-ish sofa.  And this one is on sale.  And it’s pretty.


Love this Green Cowl Neck Tunic on #zulily! #zulilyfinds:

Tunic:  I only want to wear tunics for the rest of forever.  Or at least all of tomorrow when it is going to snow here all day and I want to just sit on the couch and be cozy.


Sew Can Do:

Cuddle Throw Tutorial from sewcando:  Speaking of cozy, how awesome is that throw from Sew Can Do?  I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I think I can probably make one of these, using the tutorial provided, of course!  Click the pic or the title to get the instructions!


Soft and Chewy Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies – Great with lemon or almond extracts! {grain-free, gluten-free and dairy-free}:

Thumprint Cookies from Texanerin Baking – I love a good gluten free cookie recipe and these look delicious.  I am brainstorming a twist on these, but you can click the pic or the title for the full recipe!


DIY Neck Warmer – A Handmade Gift

It’s not too late to think about making some Handmade Gifts!  I made these DIY Neck Warmers in about an hour just this evening.  We all have that one person in our life who is constantly chilly or achy and a Neck Warmer is the perfect gift for that person.  There is nothing as soothing as a hot bag of rice on your shoulders… (Wait, what?) DIY Neck Warmer – A Handmade Gift. 

Alright, before you fly into a panic, yes, I sewed these.  No, I don’t have a sewing machine. Yes, it would be way easier if I had one.  They really are very easy to make, honestly, even if you can’t sew (like me) and even without a sewing machine. I made one out of a recycled sweater and one out of this really fun fabric I found at Michaels. All your giftee has to do is pop the neck warmer in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and they will be toasty warm for hour.  (Not a typo, it probably lasts about an hour.  It’s only rice after all).


Small Fabric Bundle by Loops & Thread – (Michael’s) OR The Arm of an old sweater

Yarn or Thread


2.5 lb bag of rice

  1.  If you are using the arm of a sweater, sew up the arm hole with the yarn.  If you are using the fabric, cut the fabric in half and then fold it in half, with the bad side facing out, then sew the three sides leaving an opening at the end so that you can fill it with rice.
  2. Fill either the sweater arm or the fabric bag with rice.  I split a 2.5 lb bag of rice about equally between the two. Don’t overfill the bag/sweater arm.  You want the rice to be able to spread out in the finished product. I strongly suggest getting some help for the rice filling part.  I used a funnel made out of paper and had my daughter hold the fabric bag while I poured the rice.  We only made a tiny mess.
  3. Sew up the open end of either the sweater arm of the fabric bag.  I added a little pom pom embellishment to the sweater one because the gray was pretty blah.  If you’re not sure how to make a pom pom, here are instructions (those are from the early days!).

And that is it!  If you are good on a sewing machine, you could bang out a bunch of these in a night.  The hardest part is filling it up with rice at the end.  And really, that’s not hard.  So, get on it!  Make something someone will love!

OR if you don’t want to make a DIY Neck Warmer, you have plenty of time to make a bunch of these for your last minute gifts from the heart:

I promise you can finish all of those crafts quickly and easily in one night.  And you can usually get all of the supplies from your craft store, except for the felted wool, I still have to buy that from Amazon.

Make someone something!

DIY Wood Burned Ornaments

***This post contains affiliate links.  If you click one and make a purchase, I may receive commission!***             Many years ago, in middle school, I remember doing something in Art class with a wood burning tool.  Now, the obvious question is, who puts a tool hot enough to burn wood in the hands of a twelve year old?  Crazy, right?  I also had wood shop and used all kinds of hand tools and power tools and metal shop where we used tools I can’t even name.  I’m talking really sharp saws, people.  Metal cutting saws.  (On a side note, we also had sewing and cooking and everyone, boys and girls, took all four classes.  I don’t believe any of those are offered anymore at the school.  So sad).  The wood burning tool from Art class has always stuck with me.  I loved the smell of the burning wood.  I can’t tell you what I made with that thing, but I can remember that smell distinctly.  I’ve seen a bunch of wood burned items in my social media feeds and decided to give it a go and make some DIY Wood Burned Ornaments.


I’m thrilled with how they came out!  And I’m equally thrilled with the Zen experience of burning wood.  I made about 8 ornaments total and I either spent an hour or 5 hours.  Either one sounds totally plausible to me.  It was one of those activities where time flew because I enjoyed what I was doing but also seemed to stand still because I was so calm and enthralled in what I was doing.

silent-nightNot all crafts fall into this category, by the way.  Like for instance, making felted soap.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore felted soap and I plan to make some for gifts this year, but the process of making it is not Zen like in any way.  Mostly, probably, because it involves maneuvering the soap under hot water for several minutes.  But, burning wood.  I could do that all day.  And you can, too.  Because it fits all of my favorite crafting criteria.  It’s easy, inexpensive and creates something either useful or beautiful or both.


Materials for DIY Wood Burned Ornaments

Wood Burning Tool (which was way less expensive than I imagined!)

Unfinished Wood Shapes – I got mine from the wood crafting section at Michaels


Glue Gun


  1.  Decide what you want to put on your ornament.  I started out by searching Pinterest for inspiration and came up with a bunch of different graphics and words I wanted to use.  I printed those out to a size that would fit on the ornament to use as a template or to reference once I got brave enough to free hand.
  2. Tape your picture or graphic to the ornament and use a dull-ish pencil to firmly trace the lines of the graphic.


(How awesome is that Nativity?  If you’re not interested in making ornaments, but want to buy one that looks like that, they are sold in this Etsy shop!).

3.  Ok, time to use your wood burning tool. Please follow the directions, don’t burn yourself, don’t leave it plugged in all night, don’t try to change the tip until it is cool and not with your bare hands even if it is cool, ok?  Deal.  So, it definitely takes a little bit of getting to know your tool.  (You might have noted that I said earlier that I made 8 ornaments but I have only shown four completed ornaments.  Yes, that’s right.  Lots of trial and error here.  I was glad I only spent $0.49 on each ornament.  Now that I’ve had some practice, I will probably try a more expensive, prettier wood slice for my next project).  First, pick your tip.  I mostly used the one that most resembled a pen tip, but if you are looking for straight lines, the one that looks like a mini calligraphy thingy is good.  Basically, you are going to burn over the lines you made with your dull pencil until you have the desired amount of burn.  This is a careful balance between moving the tool steadily while keeping even pressure.  See where the Zen comes into play?  Plus the smell.  Mmmmmmmmm.  Here are the four that I loved:


4.  Get Brave!  Guess what, the whole tracing thing was kind of ruining the Zen vibe, so I eventually quit tracing and just free handed!  These four, the favorite four, where done free hand. I had my pictures printed and I referenced them visually, but at this point, I was kind of winging it!

5.  Add a little bow and a hanger with your ribbon.  I hot glued mine to the ornament.  PS, making a tiny bow is the opposite of Zen.  Not my favorite part of the project.


I can’t encourage you strongly enough to try these!  They were really an experience to make and so worth it!

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DIY Upcycled Fall Sweater Wreath

***This post contains affiliate links.  If you click on one and make a purchase, I will receive a commission.***         Last week I posted some cozy Fall wreaths and that was just the kick in the pants I needed to actually get started on my own fall wreath.  Rather than an exact replica of any of the inspiration wreaths, I kind of melded a few together.  What I came up with is this lovely, fallish DIY Upcycled Fall Sweater Wreath.


How many things do I love about this wreath?  Let’s see, it’ pretty and cozy looking.  It came together in about 20 minutes start to finish.  It was free.  Yup, free, because I borrowed all of the materials from other spots in the house.  Namely my sweater drawer and my sons bag of clothes he has outgrown.

So, ready to make your own?  Here’s how.



Mod Podge and a small paint brush

Floral Pins – (I stole mine from an old wreath, but these are available from Amazon)

Wreath Form (I used an old one, but you can buy one from Amazon, too!)

Glue Gun – Not pictured, but I did use one in a couple of spots.

Eucalyptus Sprigs – I had these from an earlier project, but you can buy a bunch from the grocery store for about $6

An Old Sweater, preferably cable knit

An Old Plaid Shirt

  1.  Cut your sweater into strips, about 3 inches wide.


2.  Wrap the sweater strips around the wreath form, securing with the floral pins, covering the wreath form completely and overlapping for added coziness.

3.  Cut strips (about 12-18 inches long) from your plaid shirt, then fold in half lengthwise and secure with Mod Podge:


4. Form one end of the folded strip into a point and secure with mod podge:


5.  Begin wrapping and twisting the strip around the point to form a florette:


I made two florettes because I got a little bored with this part of the project, but you can make as many as you want! Here’s more of a close up of the florettes.  (Do you ever say (or type) a word over and over again and start to think it’s not really a word after all?  That’s going on with florettes right now.  I’m pretty sure I made that up).


6.  Attach the bunch of Eucalyptus to the wreath form using floral pins.  You can get creative with this part.  Try a few different lay out options and pick what you like best

7.  Add your florettes to the wreath with a hot glue gun.  Again, play around with the placement and see what you like best.

8.  Use your glue gun to hold down any unruly parts of the sweater.


That’s it, guys!  Wreath, done!  Hang that baby up.

(Which reminds me, I never remember to mention how I hang the wreaths after I make them.  I basically just secure a looped piece of string or twine to the back of the wreath with a glue gun and then hang it from a tack or nail).


5 Unique Fall Wreaths to DIY

*** This post contains affiliate links.  If you click on one and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission.***     It’s wreath making time, y’all!  (I don’t know why I just said y’all.  I’m not Southern.  I would never say that in real life.  Something just came over me and y’all felt right in that moment.  So there it is.  Y’all).  I’ve had my pretty spring wreath up all summer, but it definitely doesn’t work for fall.  I looked for some inspiration on Pinterest and came up with these 5 Unique Fall Wreaths to DIY.

Wood and Burlap Fall Wreath:

I love how rustic, yet elegant this Wood & Burlap wreath from Finding Home is.  With simple materials, this wreath would come together in a flash.  Well, other than cutting those wood slices.  If you don’t want to actually cut the wood slices, you can buy some here.

Fall Wreath - The Three Little Pumpkins Wreath - Original FREE SHIPPING:

This is a sweet little wreath that you could have bought on Etsy here, but it’s no longer available. You could totally DIY this though.  A wreath form, some fake moss, a few fake pumpkins, burlap and a glue gun.  BAM. Wreath done.  Check out the other wreaths in that twoinspireyou shop if you’re not into DIY’ing  They are all quite lovely!

Fall Wreath Tutorial

I’m obsessed with this wreath from The 36th Avenue.  How adorable is that?  It’s so unique and it is just screaming at me to start making something, now!

Paper Bag Fall Wreath | POPSUGAR Smart Living:

This super chic wreath that I found on Pop Sugar is made from brown paper bags.  What??  Yes.  Brown paper bags and some faux flowers and this pretty lady could grace your door.  


This beauty from Consumer Crafts is possibly my favorite.  It actually looks cozy, which is generally not something I would equate with a wreath, but it is definitely giving off that cozy fall vibe.  

So,there you have it.  5 Unique Fall Wreaths to DIY.  You have been properly inspired, now get to it!  Make something.  I’m going to and I will report back next week with a DIY of my own!



My Day In Verbs

So have you heard about this new thing where you journal your day with just verbs?  No?  That’s because I just made it up today.  But, it’s kind of genius, if I do say so myself.  (Disclaimer:  I’m about 63% sure I made this up today.  My tiny amount of research on google has not shown me anything close to this idea.  If it already exists, please let me know!  I’d love to read other people’s work).

I was listening to NPR today in the car and while I don’t even remember what it was exactly I was listening to, I started thinking about writing and poetry and journals and memories.  I love to write, but generally not anything flowery or fictional.  I’ve never been one for journaling because it overwhelms me.  So many words and thoughts and feelings.  Eww.  And my memory is so, so below average which makes keeping a journal difficult and at the same time, sort of crucial.  It would be so great to reread things and have those memories, if only I could remember the things to write down.  See the problem there?

So, I drove on and my mind continued wandering and I thought about how in college I loved Hemingway because of his economy of words and sparse use of adjectives.  My mind wandered through parts of speech and I thought about how so much of my day can be described with verbs.  I thought it would be an interesting experiment to see if I could use just verbs to convey what a particular day in my life is like.  It’s at once simple, but also challenging because choosing the right verb will convey the right meaning or feeling of a moment.  I started thinking about ee cummings, another of my favorites and how punctuation and spacing might contribute to a stream of verbs.

When I finally sat down today, I started on my verb journal/poem.  Here’s what I’ve come up with.


So?  What do you think?  Kind of fun, right?  And a little lyrical, if I do say so myself.  What would your day look like in verbs?  Which one’s would you want more of and which would you want less of?  What words are not listed that I wish were?  Craft?  Hug?  Cook?  I think I will be thinking about how I’m spending my time, my actual doing of things in a different way.  Guys, if you’re reading, I’d love to see your day in verbs!  In fact, let’s hash tag it!  #mydayinverbs.

(If you’re wondering how I got my verbs on that cool paper, I used Picmonkey.  It’s one of their free backgrounds and then I just added the text to it.  I love Picmonkey.)