Gift Guide for Your Tween Girl

***This post contains affiliate links.  If you click on one and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission!****              Santa needs some serious help picking out presents for an 11-12 year old girl.  My daughter especially.  He  likes to balance delivering things she wants and things she might not know she wants, but she totally does.  It’s a tough row to hoe for Santa.  Young ladies at this age are very discerning.  So, Santa, here’s a helping hand.  I used to be a 12 year old girl AND I am the mother of a 12 year old girl, so I think I have a pretty good handle on what they are looking for under the tree this year.  (Or not.  My daughter and I are both sort of, let’s call it, unique.  Just keep that in mind and note that my daughter and I have no Ugg slippers or North Face jackets between us).


Fashion Angels Enterprises Maker Market Modern Embroidery... Ok, up first, something to do.  This appeals not just to twelve year old me, but to current age me, as well.  This is a great gift for your crafter.  It meets my best craft criteria by being both beautiful and useful.

Jessica Simpson Girls' Big Girls' Heavyweight Expedition Coat, Black, 14/16

A cool and warm coat is a must.  I like this one, but I have to say it’s a little sad to not have my daughter in a pink coat.  But, I get it.  She’s 12.  Pink is so 8 years old.nabi Karaoke Fuhu

Fun with the squad! Karaoke!  This one is totally transferable to current age me as well…  Just in case 12 year old daughter doesn’t like it.

XYZprinting da Vinci miniMaker 3D Printer XYZprinting

Every great 12 year old is a little bit geeky.  Did you even know that you could buy a 3D printer for your house? And for your CHILD?  There is nothing you can’t find on Amazon. Qina C. Sterling Silver She Believed She Could So She Did Heart Feather Dangle Charm Adjustable Wire Bangle Bracelet: Jewelry:

This Alex & Ani bracelet is perfect.  A great starter for a collection and the message is so on point for this age group.Frola cosmetics - Pro 134 Colors 6 Layers All-in-One Make...

Ok, here is my controversial gift.  My daughter doesn’t wear makeup and even if she wanted to and we allowed her to, it’s not allowed at her school.  BUT, I do not find anything wrong with doing make overs with your friends during a Friday night sleep over.  I think it’s a cute age to start experimenting with makeup.  Also, pimples happen at 12, so a little cover up is never a bad thing.

A Torch Against the Night (An Ember in the Ashes) by Saba...

My daughter and I and it seems a lot of her friends are big readers. There is even a book club at her small school.  I prefer e-books, but my daughter is a throw back and prefers an actual book.

Petit Lem Big Girls' Love Print Robe, Dog, 14 Petit Lem

When else is a child going to get a new bathrobe if not on Christmas morning?  It’s a great addition to the pile of presents.

Women's In the Loving Memory of Queen Barb Stranger T-shi...:

Is your daughter in a “fandom”?  Not sure?  Ask her or troll her Instagram feed and find out.  My daughter’s current favorite is Stranger Things and she has asked Santa for this specific tshirt.  I hope you are listening Santa!

Ok, up next is a Gift Guide for Your Active Boy.  Tomorrow.  Saturday at the latest!

DIY Wood Burned Ornaments

***This post contains affiliate links.  If you click one and make a purchase, I may receive commission!***             Many years ago, in middle school, I remember doing something in Art class with a wood burning tool.  Now, the obvious question is, who puts a tool hot enough to burn wood in the hands of a twelve year old?  Crazy, right?  I also had wood shop and used all kinds of hand tools and power tools and metal shop where we used tools I can’t even name.  I’m talking really sharp saws, people.  Metal cutting saws.  (On a side note, we also had sewing and cooking and everyone, boys and girls, took all four classes.  I don’t believe any of those are offered anymore at the school.  So sad).  The wood burning tool from Art class has always stuck with me.  I loved the smell of the burning wood.  I can’t tell you what I made with that thing, but I can remember that smell distinctly.  I’ve seen a bunch of wood burned items in my social media feeds and decided to give it a go and make some DIY Wood Burned Ornaments.


I’m thrilled with how they came out!  And I’m equally thrilled with the Zen experience of burning wood.  I made about 8 ornaments total and I either spent an hour or 5 hours.  Either one sounds totally plausible to me.  It was one of those activities where time flew because I enjoyed what I was doing but also seemed to stand still because I was so calm and enthralled in what I was doing.

silent-nightNot all crafts fall into this category, by the way.  Like for instance, making felted soap.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore felted soap and I plan to make some for gifts this year, but the process of making it is not Zen like in any way.  Mostly, probably, because it involves maneuvering the soap under hot water for several minutes.  But, burning wood.  I could do that all day.  And you can, too.  Because it fits all of my favorite crafting criteria.  It’s easy, inexpensive and creates something either useful or beautiful or both.


Materials for DIY Wood Burned Ornaments

Wood Burning Tool (which was way less expensive than I imagined!)

Unfinished Wood Shapes – I got mine from the wood crafting section at Michaels


Glue Gun


  1.  Decide what you want to put on your ornament.  I started out by searching Pinterest for inspiration and came up with a bunch of different graphics and words I wanted to use.  I printed those out to a size that would fit on the ornament to use as a template or to reference once I got brave enough to free hand.
  2. Tape your picture or graphic to the ornament and use a dull-ish pencil to firmly trace the lines of the graphic.


(How awesome is that Nativity?  If you’re not interested in making ornaments, but want to buy one that looks like that, they are sold in this Etsy shop!).

3.  Ok, time to use your wood burning tool. Please follow the directions, don’t burn yourself, don’t leave it plugged in all night, don’t try to change the tip until it is cool and not with your bare hands even if it is cool, ok?  Deal.  So, it definitely takes a little bit of getting to know your tool.  (You might have noted that I said earlier that I made 8 ornaments but I have only shown four completed ornaments.  Yes, that’s right.  Lots of trial and error here.  I was glad I only spent $0.49 on each ornament.  Now that I’ve had some practice, I will probably try a more expensive, prettier wood slice for my next project).  First, pick your tip.  I mostly used the one that most resembled a pen tip, but if you are looking for straight lines, the one that looks like a mini calligraphy thingy is good.  Basically, you are going to burn over the lines you made with your dull pencil until you have the desired amount of burn.  This is a careful balance between moving the tool steadily while keeping even pressure.  See where the Zen comes into play?  Plus the smell.  Mmmmmmmmm.  Here are the four that I loved:


4.  Get Brave!  Guess what, the whole tracing thing was kind of ruining the Zen vibe, so I eventually quit tracing and just free handed!  These four, the favorite four, where done free hand. I had my pictures printed and I referenced them visually, but at this point, I was kind of winging it!

5.  Add a little bow and a hanger with your ribbon.  I hot glued mine to the ornament.  PS, making a tiny bow is the opposite of Zen.  Not my favorite part of the project.


I can’t encourage you strongly enough to try these!  They were really an experience to make and so worth it!

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Three Ingredient Sweet & Sour Meatballs

I’m still basking in the glow of a successful Thanksgiving. I don’t know exactly what I did differently, but it was a relaxing, slow pace day with no major disasters and it was amazing.  The food was delicious, the company was delightful and no one was poisoned.  Not even my brother with Celiac. A success all around in my book.

Now, of course, it’s on to Christmas!  I’ve already started with a million projects, but we’ll start with a recipe. We host Christmas Eve and we usually get family style take out from a local Italian place, but I was thinking this year it might be fun to have everyone bring two of their favorite appetizers instead of doing a huge meal.  I have a bunch of favorites, of course, but I wanted to try out some new recipes, too.  Particularly, I wanted to try something easy and cheap.  I’ve had Sweet and Sour Meatballs before and enjoyed them, but I’ve never actually made them.  Until today.


These were everything I hoped they would be.  Super flavorful, easy and inexpensive.

Three Ingredient Sweet & Sour Meatballs

1 bag (1.5 lb) of frozen meatballs

1/2 jar Grape Jelly

1/2 bottle Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue sauce

  1.  Add all ingredients to slow cooker
  2. Cook 3-4 hours on low.
  3. Eat them all.


So much yum.  PS, the green leaves (rosemary, I think?) are soley for looks.  I do believe these will make it on the all app menu for Christmas eve.  Everyone likes meatballs, right? But the flavor is just surprising enough to be a little special.  Congrats Sweet & Sour Meatballs, you’re in!

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Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes – A Super Easy DIY

Are you in full fledged maniac mode getting ready for Thanksgiving?  Good, me too! If you are looking for a really easy and cute dessert idea, I’ve got you.  I made Thanksgiving Turkey cupcakes and they are awesome to behold. And to eat.  I always have pies for Thanksgiving, but kids don’t really love pie.  At least not as much as cupcakes.  So, this year, my lucky child guests are getting Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes!

Thanksgiving Turkey CupcakesThese are so simple and pretty quick to put together

Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes


Vanilla Cake Mix


Vegetable Oil

3 Eggs

Vanilla frosting



  1.  Bake the cupcakes according to the box directions
  2. Once cool, frost the cupcakes
  3. Twist an Oreo open and stick it creme filling side up into the frosting to make the turkey face
  4. Affix two brown M&M’s to the Oreo with frosting to make eyes
  5. Affix one orange M&M to the Oreo with frosting to make a beak
  6. Make a curved row of yellow, then orange then red M&M’s to make the turkey feathers
  7. Hide well so your kids don’t eat them before the big day!

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

I Tried It – TrafficMaster Allure Flooring

I have tackled one of the big to do’s on my pre-Thanksgiving check list.  I updated the flooring in our dining room!  I know what you’re thinking, since when do I use power tools?  I didn’t.  I tried TrafficMaster Allure Flooring and it was crazy easy to install.  The only tools required were a box cutter, a straight edge and my brain.  And it was my brain that gave me the most trouble with this easy DIY. I will definitely post a full tutorial and review soon, but for now I wanted to share some after pictures for you.  They are taken on a gloomy day, because, well, November, so I’m hoping for the official reveal I will have some better shots, but I was just too excited to not share these!


When we redid our kitchen, close to three years ago, we took down most of the wall leading into the dining room and with the wall, a little built in book shelf.  When we removed the bookshelf, we discovered that there was no flooring underneath.  The original flooring in the room was a badly stained parquet.  We thought about finding pieces to match it.  No luck.  I thought about tearing up the parquet.  I tried one piece and that was enough for me.  That stuff comes up one little sliver at a time.  No thanks.  Then I discovered TrafficMaster Allure Flooring and I decided to jump in and give it a try.


I’m so excited with how this came out. It took me about 6 hours total over the course of two nights and I swear to you the hardest part of it was figuring out the measuring and the cutting.  And it installed right over the old parquet.  I did have to do some finagling to fill in the hole in the floor where the bookshelf was, but I’ll give the details on that in a later post.

For now, I’m thrilled with how the floor came out and the fact that I won’t go four Thanksgivings in a row with a hole in the floor.  I’m sure my guests will be thrilled with that as well…

And you may have noticed that I’ve started setting my Thanksgiving table.  I thought I would try to be all “Blogger” and have these beautiful tablescapes to share with you, but, then the weather happened and also, I don’t have enough stuff to make a beautiful tablescape right now.  But hey, this is Lifestyle for Real Life, right?  Here’s what the table looks like so far:


What’s great about attempting to get a lovely tablescape together is that I now know that I only have 4 water glasses, no napkins and I definitely want to add another color to this pallet.  Like some orange or something.  Maybe some mini pumpkins on the plates?  No worries, I still have a week.  Plenty of time!  (No, it’s not. Not even close, but I’m still not going to worry).


The New Sides – Two Recipes Joining my Thanksgiving Table

Ok, we are about a week and a half out from the big day (Thanksgiving for those of you who still don’t believe it’s already half way through November).  I’m so behind, you have no idea.  My to do list includes putting down a new floor in the dining room and I am half way down with that, but I’ve done NOTHING else.  Except try two new recipes.  I do love all of the old standards, but I like to add something new to the mix every year.  It can be very hard to find recipes that will work for a large group. I have adventurous taste buds; my mother?  Not so much.  So here are the two new sides I came up with that I’m hoping will satisfy at least a few of my guests.


These came out soo good.  I don’t think it’s possible to go wrong with any thing that has been cooked in bacon fat, though.  And, they are super easy to make!

The New Sides – Caramelized Baby Onions with Bacon

1 bag frozen Baby Onions

3-4 pieces of bacon

1/4 c water

  1.  Allow baby onions to thaw
  2. Cook the bacon until crispy.  Keep the oil from cooking the bacon on the stove.  Remove the bacon from pan and pat with paper towels to remove excess grease.
  3. Add thawed baby onions to still hot bacon oil and add the water.  Allow to simmer until browned.  Stir frequently
  4. Chop the bacon and add to the onions.


Crispy oven Fried Potatoes

4 Red Potatoes

3 cloves of garlic

1/4 c of vegetable oil

  1. Preheat oven to 400
  2. Slice the potatoes thinly.  (I did mine on a mandolin, a smidge thicker than a potato chip).
  3. Rinse the potatoes and pat dry
  4. Mince the garlic and add to the oil
  5. Add potatoes to a baking dish and coat with the garlicky oil
  6. Turn potatoes every 15 minutes and cook until browned and crispy

The Crispy Oven Fried Potatoes would actually make a good snack if you had some yummy dip for them, too.

Ok, I’m off to finish the second half of that floor.  Just kidding, I’m going to bed.

Free Printables to Help you Prep Your Best Thanksgiving Ever

Somehow it is suddenly literally two weeks before Thanksgiving. How did that happen?  I host some of my extended family at my house and it is a LOT of work.  But I really do enjoy it.  Don’t listen to my husband.  Yes, I may have a major meltdown on the day of, but it’s totally worth it.  AND, I plan to be super organized this year with these free printables I created so that I am prepared for the Best Thanksgiving Ever!




I love to be a tiny bit fancy at Thanksgiving and menus are totally fancy.  I’ll print this out the day of and write in with my very best hand writing the menu for the day.  Pro Tip, Don’t write anything on the menu until you’ve tasted it.  If it happens to be a fail, you don’t want it mocking you from your menu.

To Do List



If you’re like me, you might need to print several of these.  I don’t just cook for Thanksgiving.  There’s cleaning, crafting, decorating, hanging light fixtures, painting and all sorts of other random things that suddenly jump to urgent status on my to do list.

Grocery List



I’ll probably need to print at least two of these guys.  Pro Tip, try to organize your grocery list by aisles.

Cooking Schedule



I need to have a plan on a stressful day.  This cooking schedule helps a ton with keeping the stress low.  I’ll probably end up adding in non cooking related items like setting the table or brushing my hair just so I don’t forget those important items.

If you would like to print these handy organization tools for your Thanksgiving celebration, please do!  Just click the image, download it to your desktop and print it out to Full Page size.  Happy planning!

Dear Daughter – A Note to My Daughter on This Day after the Election

Dear Daughter,

I’m sorry that this country has let you down and failed to elect a female president in any of it’s 56 elections.  We finally had a woman on the ballot this year and it seemed as though she might have won it. She was flawed, but she was qualified and level headed and a very good choice if you share her beliefs.  I wish I could tell you that she was not elected because there was another candidate who was better qualified and will do just fine at leading our country because he is a good man with good morals.  There are so many other Republican politicians we could have said that about.  But America didn’t choose to put any of them on their ballot.  I wish I could tell you that Mr. Trump won because he also has good ideas and that they are based on good values.  Many people in America questioned Secretary Clinton’s character because as a public servant for thirty years she sometimes failed and those failures were public and difficult.  I wish I could tell you that the playing field was fair and that Mr. Trump was judged equally for his failures.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Instead, what I have to somehow try to explain to you is that America picked Mr. Trump despite the fact that he has displayed immoral, racist, misogynistic behavior publicly and without any apologies.  I wish I could tell you that perhaps his behavior was misinterpreted or that these were youthful indiscretions or that he had temporary insanity and so we can forgive him and keep an open mind and move forward as we have been asked to do.  But, none of those things are true.  There is no way to misinterpret the things that he said on that bus.  Please know that although many men and women have said that those filthy and illegal things he spoke of on that bus were “locker room” talk, it does not mean that your daddy speaks like that.  Ever.  Those words Mr. Trump spoke are not ok and they should never be brushed aside as something men brag about when women aren’t around.  Not all men talk like that and not all men think it is ok to talk like that.  I promise your daddy is better than that.

You’re going to hear a lot of people saying things like, “Put our differences aside” and “Come together and support the new President”.  Every other year, every other candidate, I have agreed with this.  This year I won’t (and I won’t ask you to) support a person of such low character and with no moral code.  I can’t look you or your brother in the eye and say, “We will support him even if we don’t agree with him”. I cannot ask you to look the other way for someone who has bragged about assaulting women or made fun of handicapped people.  I can’t tell you I will support someone who believes in banning people from entering the country based on their religion because I know you haven’t forgotten that religious freedom was the reason this country was started.  I won’t ask you to support any of those things because none of them are about politics.  They are about morals and strength of character and there is no difference of opinion when it comes to those two things.  You either are or are not a moral person and you either do or do not have character.  These are the issues where there is no gray area.  There’s no seeing the other person’s point.  If you are going to brag about assaulting another human or make fun of a handicapped person or judge someone based on their religion then you are not a good person.  Period.

Which brings me to the hardest part of this letter. How to deal with the people we know and love who have voted for Donald Trump (along with millions of other Americans).  I want to tell you why so many people have ignored the horrible things this man has done.  Many of them will say that they disliked Hillary so much that they felt they had no other choice.  But that’s not true.  There were as many as 10 Republican candidates vying to be on the ballot this year, but Trump beat them all.  Many will say they were looking for change.  I heard an interesting opinion from an immigrant this morning who, at first glance, was the last person in the world I thought would be a Trump supporter.  He said he thinks people voted for Trump because he held out promises to people.  He would say things like, “It’s going to be so great, you won’t believe it.  You’ll see” and “I know Isis better than the generals, believe me”. Those words are enticing, but they don’t actually mean anything or have any basis in reality.  But, maybe it was those glorious promises that got so many people to vote for Mr. Trump. Because it can’t be that there are millions of people in this country who agree with his morals. Please don’t let it be that.

So, dear daughter, I want to close by saying that sometimes in life the wrong person wins.  Sometimes in life you will question the moral fabric of your country.  My advice to you is don’t get your news from Facebook.  Listen to NPR or watch the BBC news and when you are a little older watch John Oliver and know the actual facts about the things that are going on in the world around you and then make choices based on facts.  That’s how you make good decisions.  Look at what is real and then look into your heart and decide what is right.  Because I’d rather you be questioning the moral fabric of the country than questioning your own.


Your Mother

5 Alternatives to the Boob Light

*** This post contains affiliate links.  If you click on one and make a purchase, I may earn a commission.***     In case you haven’t noticed, we have whizzed right through October and have landed firmly in Thanksgiving preparation mode.  One thing I really want to get off of my to do list before Thanksgiving is to finally pick out a light for our “parlor/living room/roku room”.  This is the room that used to be a dining room until I switched it around and made it a parlor.  Parlor is where I have landed on what this room is to be named.  Here is a reminder picture:


Hmm.  That picture is very outdated.  A lot of changes have happened in here since I last photographed it. See the chandelier that is clearly a dining room fixture?  That was taken down a long while ago because the tall people kept banging into it.  So, at the moment, there is nothing there.  Just a hole in the ceiling where a light should be.  So sad.  Maybe this light fixture purchase will be the jumping off point to finish the other to do’s in this room.

There are some things to consider when picking out the light for this room.  First, the ceiling is low, so the fixture will have to be a flush mount.  I also have shiny chrome fixtures in the kitchen which is adjacent to this room, so I want the light to work with those.  Of course, I love a bargain, so I don’t want it to be too expensive, unless it’s really pretty and special and then maybe I’ll splurge.  Oh and it CANNOT be a boob light.  Not sure what a boob light is?  Here you go:

Forte Lighting 1 Light Flush Mount - Marble Glass

That’s a boob light. You can never unseen that.

With these parameters in mind, I have come up with five options that I think would work well.


Five Alternatives to The Dreaded Boob Light


Transitional 3-light Painted Champagne Flush Mount Light

Transitional 3 Light Painted Champagne Flush Mount – I love this one.  This one is probably it.  It’s very slender and it has 3 lights, so it will light this room nicely. The metallic finish does not match the kitchen, but I almost don’t care.  I really like this one.  It rings in at $162, which is a tiny bit expensive, but I really like this one.  Really.


Industrial Vintage Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light - LITFAD 21" Chandelier Barn Metal Hanging Fixture With 5 Lights Painted Finish,

Industrial Vintage Semi Flush Mount – Ok truthfully, this fixture has no place in my home, but it is totally cool.  So, as a public service announcement to anyone who does have this aesthetic, go buy this guy!  Bonus, it’s only $59!  Put it in the shopping cart!

Raindrop - LED Flush Fixture w/ Optional Blue Water Film ...

Raindrop LED Flush Fixture – Alright, this lady falls under the category of pretty enough to maybe splurge on it.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  I really want this one.  But, the price tag is a bit steep at $276.  Ouch.  Maybe.  It does match the metal in the kitchen. That’s one bonus point for this one.

Safavieh Avery Ceiling Drum Light, Antique Gold -

Safavieh Avery Ceiling Flush Mount – This one again has no business in my house, but I kind of love it.  Maybe I’ll just change every piece of metal in my house to this gold finish and grab this one.  It rings in at $122.

Progress Lighting P3402-15 Status Chrome Steel and Porcelain 2-light Flush Mount

Progress Lighting Flush Mount – This one is the best match to the rest of my house. I love almost everything about this except for one small thing.  The pretty little piece that is hanging down.  Is it long enough to stab someone in the head? I just don’t know.  It is just $90.


Ok, decision time.  I’ve really knocked two off the list already, so I’ve got a few short weeks to figure out which of the three left over I want to spend my pennies on.  Any thoughts?

Easy Watercolor Art

***This post contains affiliate links.  If you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission!***    You can make something beautiful.  If you pick the right thing, you can totally make art that will be beautiful.  I’m not an artist, everything I have ever made I learned from the internet.  But, I do make some beautiful things sometimes.  I’m not special (for real, totally ordinary), I just try and if it comes out great, then great.  If it doesn’t come out great, then I learn something from it.  See this post about how I fixed a HUGE fail, which happens to be my MOST popular post of everything I have ever written, by a long shot, by the way.

My point is, all of those adorable things you are pinning and never trying?  Get on it. Try one.  The worst thing that will happen is that you will hate it and you will have wasted a few bucks on materials.  The best thing that could happen?  You could make something awesome that people will look at and say, “I love that!” and then, you get to say, “Thanks! I made it!”.  There is some major satisfaction in those simple words, people.  Serious satisfaction.

Here’s what I made this weekend. I think it’s pretty darn beautiful, if I do say so myself.


You know what is the best part of this?  One of the things I love about how these little paintings came out is that I actually messed up when prepping.  I was working from these instructions from Burlap and Blue and I was supposed to use painters tape to block off the edges.  Well, I didn’t feel  like searching high and low for the painters tape when I had perfectly good Scotch tape right in front of me.  I told myself I would just press it down really well into the canvas and it would be fine. Wrong.  As soon as the water hit the canvas it busted right past the Scotch tape.  But, guess what? I kind of loved how it looked!  I learned quickly not to go to crazy with water near the tape or it would be a real mess (see how I’m learning from my mistakes? :-)), but I definitely like the bit of bleeding through that was going on.

Ready to make your own?



Canvases (I used these from Amazon)

Watercolors (These are awesome)

Paint brush (Like this is fine, but come on, you know have a little paint brush somewhere in the house)

Scotch Tape (Fine, buy it here, but you know you have this, too!)

**Assuming you only have to buy the canvases and the watercolors, the materials will cost about $21. If you have Amazon Prime (and you totally should) you can have this in two days with free shipping.


  1.  Evenly tape off your canvases. I just went around the square and taped it off based on the width of the tape.  Press the tape down firmly.taped-off-canvas
  2. Think.  Yes, take a minute to think. I wanted to do a “season” theme with my canvases, so I thought about what colors were wintry, springy, summery and autumny.  (All words, trust. I don’t care what spell check says).
  3. Paint.  Dip your brush in some water and then in some paint and spread it on the canvas.  There isn’t much to tell here.  My only tip is to not let TOO much water get under the tape.  Other than that, go with your gut.  If you think the colors look pretty together, then chances are you are going to love your painting.  Don’t sweat it.  Experiment.  Note that the canvases I chose come in a pack of 12, so if you hate one, try again.
  4. Allow to dry.



Four steps and about 20 bucks to beautiful art, guys.  Oh, and bragging rights,  of course.