My Faves This Week

Marbled Glass Coasters #anthropologie

Gleaming Isla Candle #anthropologie

One of my favorite discoveries at Porcelain Taurus Zodiac Mug

IKEA - SAGOHUS, 4-piece fairytale house set,

Celestial Daze Camera Strap #anthropologie

Handmade Gift – DIY Felted Wool Necklace

Remember the felted wool fall decor I tried out?  Well, I’m back with another felted wool craft.  This one is a cozy little necklace that would make a fun hand made gift.


Call me crazy, but I adore how fuzzy those little felt balls are.  Now, I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that this was a quick craft.  Believe it or not, it’s not super easy, either.  Unless, of course, you just buy already made felted wool balls and string them together.  But where’s the fun and sense of accomplishment in that, right??


Wool Roving in various colors (I got mine here)

Dish Soap

Hot Water

Needle & wire to string wool balls

Clasp for closing necklace

Step 1:  Follow this fantastic youtube tutorial from Rachael Greenland to make your felted balls.  The hardest part about making the balls is getting them to be a somewhat uniform size.  You can try to use the same amount of wool for each ball, but I found that different colors seemed to contract differently than others.  I don’t know if that is a scientific fact (prob not), but my advice is to err on the side of too small and then you can add on a little more wool if you need to.  I strung 14 balls onto my necklace and it took me a few hours to make those balls.  Luckily, Step 2, the last step, takes about 30 seconds.

Step 2:  Using a needle and thread or wire, string the balls together and attach your clasp.  The wire I bought would not cooperate with my needle, so I ended up using thread and then precariously tying the thread to the clasp.  Not the most secure, but it will do.  You could also attach ribbon and tie this necklace closed. I think that would be gorge-y.

felted wool necklace 2

I love the warm wintry colors and the cozy look of the necklace.  I also love that it’s completely customizeable.  Pick whatever wool colors you like and you have a unique and personal necklace.

Here’s my model wearing the necklace:

felted wool necklace modeled 2

The Best Throw Pillow Covers in the Universe

Well, folks, I’ve done it.  I have discovered the greatest Etsy pillow cover shop ever created. Samantha&Emma has geometric prints, watercolors prints, holiday themes, florals…  NINE pages of pillow covers, people!  NINE!  And, I want to put this in flashing lights or giant bold letters, because it is so exciting, they are ALL $14.99 right now!  Are you jumping up and down right now, like me????  And did I mention they are linen?  Here are my faves:

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Wheat Free Party Picks

We had a small family celebration this weekend and I made some wheat free options for me and my brother, who has celiac disease.  I  don’t think anyone noticed they were gluten free, either, which is always a good thing!  I liked all three of these because none of them required any off the wall ingredients.

ham and pineapple bites WHEAT FREE APP


This is the second time I’ve made these appetizers from this pin from Parties for Pennies and I really love them.  They are salty and sweet and super easy to make.  I made sure to use gluten free ham, but that is easy to find.

wheat free stuffed mushrooms and crab cAKES

These stuffed mushrooms are from this recipe from Moms Dish.  I loved these!  Funny story, my other brother, the not gluten free one, had some of the stuffed mushrooms.  He went back for seconds and that’s when I said, oh, you like the stuffed mushrooms? And he said, oh, yeah, they’re delicious.  What’s in them? And I said, crab and cheese and stuff.  And he said, Eww! I hate crab! and threw it away.  So weird.  Anyhoo, I had more crab mixture than mushrooms, so with the leftovers, I added some gluten free panko breadcrumbs and then baked them in the oven for a bit and, BAM, crab cake.  They were ok, but I don’t love the gf bread crumbs, sadly.

gf chocolate chip peanut butter cup cookies

This is definitely the pick of the three recipes I made this weekend.  They were so yummy, even my gluten free brother who is SUPER picky, loved them.  I modified this recipe from Princess Pinky Girl. (Hers came out way prettier than mine!).  I used the gluten free prepared cookie dough they sell at my market.  I’ve used it before for these delicious bars, so I was confident this would come out good.  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are already gluten free, so nothing to tamper with there.  So easy, so delicious, so wheat free.  Love it!

Copy Craft – Marbled Clay Dish

I have been obsessed with these little hand made clay dishes that I saw on A Beautiful Mess and tonight I finally sat down and made one. I think I may make a million more as holiday gifts.

diy clay dish silver earrings

I’m so excited with how it came out!  I didn’t have any of the required materials so it was a little expensive to get started but I have tons left over to make a million of these dishes.  Pop over to the tutorial on A Beautiful Mess, but here is a pictorial of what I did.


I had to buy the clay and I didn’t have nor did I buy the gold liquid gilding from the tutorial, but I wish I had.  I will for sure buy it for next time.  I used crappy glitter glue on the edges and it looks below average.

rolled out clay colors

These are the colors I picked.  I looked at them and thought, “No chance this is going to look good”.


Then I started twisting the colors together and I was like, “Ok, well, maybe…”

ball of clay

I was becoming convinced when I rolled it into a ball.

diy clay dish to be baked

I rolled it out and cut it into a circle using the top of our Swiss Miss canister.  It took a LOT of will power to gently lower it into the dish and not smoosh it into the bottom of the dish.

diy clay dish best

In the end, I’m definitely convinced!  (Except for the gold glitter.  Bad move).  At one point I looked at it and thought, an hour ago this thing did not exist in the world and now here it is sitting on my counter.  I said out loud, “That is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made”.  And then my daughter said, “HEY!” and I had to backtrack, of course, because it doesn’t COMPARE to her or her brother.

Christmas Decorating with Ikea

I found some A-dorable Christmas decorations at Ikea!

IKEA - VINTERMYS, Decoration, ornament, Easy to hang up since it comes with ribbons already attached.Mouth blown and hand-painted; each decoration has been shaped by a skilled craftsmen.


IKEA - VINTERMYS, Unscented block candle




IKEA - VINTERMYS, Decoration, goat


IKEA - VINTERMYS, 32-piece hanging decoration set, Strings and hooks for hanging are included, no need to buy extra.Made of a durable material which does not break if they are dropped.


IKEA - VINTERMYS, Decoration, ornament, Easy to hang up since it comes with ribbons already attached.Mouth blown; each ornament has been shaped by a skilled craftsman.


IKEA - VINTERMYS, Decoration, ornament, Easy to hang up since it comes with ribbons already attached.Mouth blown and hand-painted; each decoration has been shaped by a skilled craftsmen.


VINTERMYS Hanging decoration, bird house




The Time Our Car Was Broken In To

I live in a nice town. It seems very insulated and safe. And it is.  Almost always.  Except for the one time our car got broken in to.  In our driveway.  While we were sleeping in the house.  A few feet from the car.

It was not a big deal.  We didn’t really lose anything.  Except for a little peace of mind.  I can’t quite wrap my head around the guts (guts isn’t the word I want to use, but I like to keep it PG here) it would take for someone to stroll into someone’s driveway, break into the car and steal what really was nearly worthless junk.  I like to pretend that it was some desperate soul who needed some cash to buy diapers or something, but I know it’s probably more likely that it was an addict who needed cash for a fix.  I can still find forgiveness in my heart for the addict because I know what a ravaging disease addiction is.

We reported the break in to the police.  I was astonished at how little they did. I kept saying to my husband, “But they could check for fingerprints, or footprints or fibers!”.  So indignant, I was.  The police didn’t even come to the house.

So, if you want to protect your stuff and your peace of mind, you’re kind of on your own.  We are planning to install some motion detecting lights.  Yes, I know how annoying those are.  A dog would be great, I think.  Of course, a car alarm, also super annoying, would probably be effective as well.  I read on that you can save up to 20% on your car insurance if you install an alarm in your car.

<a href=””></a>

DIY Ornament Wreath

I’ve been slowly making progress with the Christmas decorating.  I’m planning to be done approximately one day after Christmas.  Today, I tackled the mantel.  I have my upcycled yard sale mirror that I LOVE, but it is not very Christmasy, so I had to get a little creative with the color scheme for the mantel.  I decided to make an Ornament Wreath with some sparkly mini ornaments from Five Below.  The ornaments were $6 total for 2 packages, so this project comes in at a whopping… $6.  That’s right, everything else was free!

DIY Wreath


Assorted ornaments – this small wreath took 24 small ornaments

Wire Hanger

Greens from your yard


Coordinating Ribbon

1.  Undo your wire hanger.  This took a little muscle, but the neck of the hanger will untwist so that the hanger part of the hanger is no longer twisted together.

2.  String your ornaments onto the wire hanger.  You will have to work the ornaments over the twisty part of the hanger a little, but if you give them a little flick, they will twirl themselves through the twisty part.  This will make sense when you are doing it.  It’s kind of fun.

3.  Continue adding ornaments until you are satisfied with the size of your wreath.  Truthfully, I would have liked a bigger wreath, but I ran out of ornaments.  You will use way more ornaments than you think you will.  I ended up improvising the greens in the next step because I was so low on ornaments

4.  Use wire to attach your greens to the hanger. I attached mine at the top, but they could go at the bottom or along one side.  Totally up to you. I cut my greens from a bush in front of my house.  100% free.

5.  Wrap a pretty bow on the wreath with your ribbon. I used a pretty fat and satiny ribbon and I like how it looks.  I also attached a loop of ribbon to the top of the top of the wreath so that I could hang it.

Here is the wreath in it’s final spot on my mantel:

Holiday Mantel Wreath Centerpiece

And here is a shot of the whole mantel:

Holiday Mantel Wide



Why I Love My Christmas Tree

Why I Love My Christmas Tree

I decorated my tree.  I’m going to share what I love about it with you.

Christmas Tree 3

I love that my kids decorated it with me and my son sang Christmas carols while we did it and then he and his sister sat down and read the Christmas story out loud.  Together. I swear.  No joke.  They REALLY did that.  One of those moments when you know at some point you have done something right as a parent.

Reindeer and Christmas Tree

I love this guy watching over the tree for us.  So the cats don’t knock it down while they’re trying desperately to get to the crazy juice that is the water in the tree stand.

Red Ornament

I love that it is perfectly imperfect…

Oblong Ornament

And sometimes just perfect.

Closeup Crystal

I love that this beautiful crystal (which I totally pilfered from my transformed black chandelier, along with like 7 million of its brothers and sisters that are also on the tree.  Not fun when it comes time to take down the tree) can sit just next door to this guy:

Kid Ornament

Gift Guide – Gifts for the Rec Room

My kids are 7 and 10, and I swear, I already am having a hard time figuring out unique presents for them that will actually pull their attention from the dreaded “screens”.  Here are some ideas:

Medal Sports 48" 3-In-1 Multi-Game Table

I love this 3 in 1 game table because even if my kids don’t like it, I’ll totally play with it!


These Gemini DJ Mixers would be fun for a dance party in the rec room.

Singing Machine Portable Karaoke with Built-in Light Show

I, I mean, my kids have always wanted a Karaoke machine!

And what is comfier than that thing??